Businesses spend hundreds even thousands of dollars to develop aesthetically-pleasing web sites. They spend even more on banner ads and other forms of web marketing. However, those same businesses often neglect the one area that could be the most beneficial to their site’s success: search engines. A recent study at a technical university discovered that 85% of consumers looking for products or services used search engines to find them, but only the ones on the top 30 generated a sizable stream of traffic.
Here are a few reasons why we consider SEO a very important marketing source.
  •     Search engines create more awareness among your audience about you Web site than all advertising combined including banner ads, news papers, television and radio
  •     You may use banner ads or paid search engine placement, but those would work wonders only for a while. Once the marketing budget is exhausted, the site disappears
  •     Consumers don’t trust and ignore blatant advertising; they tend to purchase from a site ranked high in the search engine results and sites that are famous than from a conspicuously placed advertisement
  •     A high page rank in major search engines means more people are most likely to end up on your web site when the search for keywords relevant to your products or services
Why choose Valiant Systems for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  •     We analyze your competitor’s website and develop keywords and description to outwit them.
  •     Our team of highly professional experts can help companies improve their site rankings, increase their traffic, and boost up your site’s profitability
  •     Choosing an amateur for the job could even result in your site getting black listed in the search engines.
  •     Our team of experts, know the latest tips in the practice for high ranking and they can also get better results faster.
Social media marketing, the very term has been vastly misunderstood. A few people know what it is, but are not aware of its implementation in a way that will reward their specific type of business. As social media marketing is always in a flux and constantly evolving, even with the key elements we have now such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, it’s very difficult to keep up with. The demands of social media marketing, has become so high that people trying to keep themselves and their businesses updated are having a hard time. Social media marketing today has become an integral part of many established businesses. People expect your business to have a social media campaign so they can keep up with you. Still thinking if you need to get yourselves involved?
Marketing using social media has a lot of advantages.
  •     Brand recognition and Outreach
  •     Increased number of visitors to your website
  •     Bulding new partnerships
  •     Better page rank in web-based searches
  •     Good source of lead generation
  •     Most of all huge savings on marketing expenses
Why use us for your social medial marketing
  •     We always draft a road map which would be specific to your company.
  •     We very well know the correct social media tools to reach out to where your audiences are Our team always stays abreast with all the latest trends in social media
  •     Not every business needs to use every social channel concurrently. We know what channels to use and when.
Search engine marketing also commonly known as pay per click is an effective internet advertising model used to direct traffic to your website. In this method a website is promoted on search engines through the use of paid ads. This method provides an incredible opportunity to make an immediate impact on search engine results and can be used to boost you optimization or when you run special campaigns. When you use Pay per click the search engine will display an advertisement when the keyword matches your keyword list, or when your site displays content relevant to the keyword. These advertisements are called sponsored links or sponsored ads and it would appear adjacent to, above or beneath the search results on search engine results pages, or anywhere you choose it to be on a content site.
What do you get by using search engine marketing?
  •     By using Search engine marketing you can generate excellent leads easily and quickly.
  •     It helps you drastically increase the level of traffic to your website
  •     Creating an ad does not cost you anything. You are only charged when a qualified visitor comes to your site
  •     You can set to display your ad only in a specific geographic region if your operations are restricted to that region.