There are as many different types of website design as there are sites themselves, and there are many differences between website designs for individuals, sites for online enterprises and corporate website designs which are the online presence of an existing business or organization. We provide a range of design services beyond web design, but ensure that your website design is integrated with your existing logo or branding guide lines and make sure it represents you in much the same way as printed materials or advertisements would.
Why should you have a specially designed corporate website?
  •     A corporate website represents your business or organization. It should illustrate your values and qualities as part of your overall brand image.
  •     A corporate website is the online hub of your business, so you can think of it as being a bit like your business premises on the World Wide Web.
  •     If you think you are the best in customer service, if your products are known for their ease of use, you also need a website that offers a similar level of information, support and service.
Why is Valiant Systems the best choice for your corporate website?
  •     We try to get a full understanding of your organization , your unique selling points, your customer base, your products, services and principles so that we can translate this into your website design.
  •     Compatibility and accessibility are key considerations in corporate website design. The world wide web, evolved on the basis that web designs should be available on any computer system, and modern technologies like CSS web design mean that a professional web design can look beautiful on modern computers. All our designs follow these technologies.
  •     With all the necessary elements in place, there are a number of ways we can expand your corporate website and add value to it, and the simplest is by adding more information.
  •     We don’t just develop you website but we Make the Web Work For Your Business
A website is a “silent salesman”; it gives potential customers the opportunity to view your products and services from the comfort of their home. Even though your business might not sell goods or services online, the customers can make a decision on seeing your website to visit you in person to do business. The internet is the first place where potential business associates look to “check you out” (i.e. “Gooogle you”). A website is part of your public image. At Valiant Systems we help a lot of individuals and businesses to show the world what they got by designing a static website.
Why do you need a website?
  •     A Website allows you to compete with bigger and more established businesses.
  •     A Website serves as a “communication tool” to keep your customers interested and informed about your business.
  •     It is an effective and the most cost efficient marketing tool which can be used to expand your business.
  •     Depending on the kind of product you sell,  you can even eliminate the cost of having a huge inventory
  •     Can your office offer services round the clock?  But if you have a website your products or services can be accessed in anytime of the day. Your company actually works when you are sleeping.
What can we do at Valiant Systems ?
  •     At Valiant Systems, we approach every website design project with goals bigger than aesthetics.
  •     A beautiful web site which is consistent with your brand is what you will need, but for us that is only the beginning.
  •     For us, designing websites is about being user friendly, unique and an overall experience that engages visitors with the brand.
  •     All of our website design projects begin with an complete understanding of your business. What you do, how you make it work your USP and who your clients are, influence our creative process.
  •     Everything information that we gather, may it be a high level overview or a smallest detail can be a huge factor in the design.
  •     The process at Valiant Systems ensures that meeting your business goals is the focus of our strategy from day one to ensure your site drives your bottom line.
The latest stats are truly astonishing. According to a report, there are more than 5 Billion cell phones in use worldwide, and about 1.2 billion of these are capable of connecting to the internet Designing a mobile website can be a real challenge because there are so many inconsistencies between the devices used to access your website. One testing platform we use lists more than 2,000 device models.
Why is it a need to have a mobile compatible site?
According to a survey by Google,
  •     There are more mobile devices with data access than there are desktop and laptops combined.
  •     50 percent of Web users have smart phones
  •     One of three searches is from a mobile device.
  •     The sales and use of mobile devices are steadily rising, it’s important for every business to build a mobile‐friendly website as without a mobile‐friendly website you’re giving business away ‐‐it’s just that simple.
Valiant Systems expertise in mobile website designing
  •     We always use “Mobile Profile” version of XHTML. It’s fully supported by all phone browsers, and allows you to use of a variety of mobile specific features like Click‐to‐Call links.
  •     All sites we design would have a flexible layout which expands or contracts depending on the size of the mobile screen viewing it.
  •     The layout we design would not require the user to scroll left‐to‐right, nor should it require them to “zoom‐in” or “zoom‐out” to the best possible.
  •     We make sure your site would be easy to navigate through the user’s touch screen.
  •     Your contact information would be easily found, and all of your phone numbers would be having the “Click‐to‐Call” feature.
Running a healthy, effective website is critical to most businesses and organizations. Only a very few of us have the budget or bandwidth to hire a web developer with the expertise to keep a site fresh, healthy, and safe — let alone making changes to your design, to the content or functionality of your website.
Have you always been wondering why having a website is not all and what is the need for maintaining it. We have a few very important points which we would like to highlight.
  •     Keep the interest of your visitors – All your customers would like to see fresh new content on your website. Through regular maintenance, and by constantly adding relevant content for your visitors, you will eventually become the number one site for your industry.
  •     Introduce new features and product. – Your site is the heart of your online presence. It is the only source for details about your company for your clients. If you have new services to provide and if it is not on your website your viewers will not be aware about it.
  •     Maintain rankings on search engines – Search engines award higher rankings to websites that are consistently updated with relevant content. This is because they want you to give good quality material to your readers as they also have their own standards to provide good service towards their clients
  •     Maintain your website’s functionality – When your web site is maintained regularly, links continue to function well. In effect, site visitors will easily find the information they are looking for are more likely to be converted as clients.
Valiant Systems can be your best website maintenance partner for a lot of reasons like
  •     We will always do a weekly backup of database & files. Even if your server fails you don’t have to worry about the data.
  •     We would constantly monitor for malware and hacks to make sure all your systems and your clients would stay healthy and happy.
  •     We can help updating your site design, adding new features, fixing little glitches that arise.
  •     We will provide you with a monthly analytics report of your down time and interfacing with your web host.
  •     We keep monitoring any CMS upgrade releases and application of upgrades where appropriate, to keep you running on the latest tech, safe from known vulnerabilities, or anything else you can think of.
A blog can be used as a powerful tool for reflection, communication, and community building. Blogs are often classified as personal, public and corporate. A personal blog is often as a diary, a travelogue or to share their day to day happenings with a closed group. A public blog is most often used to raise voices against some social issues and are often used by different NGO to update their supporters and followers. A corporate blog is used as tool to entertain and inform their client and customers on all promotions. They are also used internally within the company as a mode of communication. A blog can be the perfect tool for any business to share your corporate news, give updates on a project and post any open positions. This can also be used to advertise your pre launch and get the crowd excited and anticipate the roll-out. The construction of a blog plays a major role in the amount of crowd it is going to attract. It is very important to make your blog look presentable.  At Valiant Systems, we can customize blog to any dimension and even make it match your company’s website design. We can embed the blog with social media plug-ins and a lot of other useful widgets of your choice and a great design structure.