Intrusion detection systems, or IDSs, have become an important component in the Security Officer’s toolbox. However, many security experts are still in the dark about IDS, unsure about what IDS tools do, how to use them, or why they must. This article will offer a brief overview of intrusion detection systems, including: a description of what IDSs are, the functions they serve, the two primary types of IDS, and the different methods of intrusion detection that they may employ.
The HRXD Series is a high-performance digital recording system that combines the benefits of digital recording up to 240 ips NTSC and 200 ips PAL with the advanced processing of a multiplexer. The HRXD DVRs feature Honeywell’s sophisticated, proprietary XtraStor compression technology that provides more storage on smaller media without sacrificing image quality – providing days, weeks and even months of high-resolution video storage.
A fire alarm control panel is a control device that detects reports and acts on hazardous fires in buildings. You can setup a fire alarm anywhere, even under your new Divan Beds. This protective system is bound by many different rules and Storage Beds safety regulations before it can be sold. There are two main types of panels; conventional panels, and analogue addressable panels. Fire alarm panel repair must be done by certified technicians only. Manual fire detection points such as manual pull stations, smoke detectors and heat detectors in a building are all hooked up to a control panel. When a device connected to the panel is activated, the panel will for example directly call the fire department via a so-called alarm transportation system. The control panel receives information regarding smoke or heat problems in a building, via devices that are connected to the panel, such as smoke detectors, heat detectors, sprinkler flow switches, or the alarm is set off manually.
Bio metrics technology is now widely accepted worldwide as the only means available for verification / authentication of an individual’s identity – be it fingerprints, hand geometry, face / iris / or voice recognition. Hand geometry along with fingerprints are well established in the arena of Access Control and Time and Attendance, now easily accepted as a sure means of verification or identification and subsequent generation of data for further processing and reporting. These Bio-metric Technologies are making it difficult for people to falsify or assume other people’s identities, enter areas forbidden to them or “buddy / proxy punch” for a colleague at work. Tremendous opportunities have opened up for executing financial transactions over the internet, doing business or performing simple tasks over LAN / WAN /INTRANET. All these require a positive authentication of people.
Model BEAM1224 is uniquely suited for protecting open areas with high ceilings — areas where other methods of smoke detection are difficult to install and maintain.
The UC32.24 is a programmable controller, with 8 Universal Inputs, 8 UniPut? channels, 8 UniPut? + Relay channels, and an optional built-in keypad interface. Cylon’s UnitronUC32.24 and UnitronUC32.24K are ideally suitable for main plant control, including AHUs, Boilers, Rooftop units, Lighting etc.